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Ferme Giroflée

Organic Blueberry Plant

Organic Blueberry Plant

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Quality organic fruit plants

Our organic blueberry plants are available in different formats. The blueberries we produce are of exceptional quality and incomparable on the market.

Did you know?

A blueberry plant matures when it is 10 years old.
A smaller blueberry bush will not provide fruit the same year. It will take him about 3 years before having a greedy harvest.  
When purchasing a blueberry, if you choose a larger plant, then it will provide you with good fruit the same year!
Depending on their age, the plants will provide from 2 to 8 lbs per season.
From April, when the nursery opens, make sure you have your plants. buy them NOW! 

Here is the average blueberry harvest for each plant size:
  • Extra Small: harvest in 4 years
  • Small: harvest in 3 years
  • Average: harvest in 2 years
  • Big: harvest in 1 year - An exclusivity of Ferme Giroflée
  • Extra large: harvest in the same year - An exclusivity of Ferme Giroflée

Depending on availability, we have several varieties to offer you throughout the season. We have early, seasonal and late ones.

Are you planning to buy plants to stock up? So here are some parameters that will tell you how much to buy:

  • Usually, the average blueberry diet is around 40 lbs per person for a year. 
  • In the first years, an extra large blueberry plant will provide an average of 5 lbs of blueberries per year. Over time, the amount of blueberries per plant will increase.
  • For an adult person, you would need 8 plants for your one-year supply and 2 more plants to be able to enjoy it during the summer.

We offer volume discounts!

It is common to increase the quantity of plants for your projects when you pick up your order at the farm. We'll adjust volume discounts based on your total purchases! 

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