Recipes, Tips and Tricks

To succeed in eating properly, all year round, all you need is a little organization, skills and know-how. Since we want everyone to be able to achieve their dietary goals for their good health, we offer you some recipes, tips and tricks here.

By visiting this page, you can, yes, concoct delicious meals, but you can also manage to save money either by purchasing the Prepaid Card or by taking advantage of the volume discounts on the excellent organic products available at Ferme Giroflée.

The exquisite

The exquisite are our fine, refined and sweet products like honey and... 


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Chillies and Peppers

Chili peppers are part of Capsicum, a genus of plants found in the Solanaceae family. This category of “fruit” (because it is indeed a fruit in the same way as tomatoes and eggplants) includes an interesting palette of colors and tastes. Ranging from strong to mild, and even sweet and super sweet, Capsicum can be easily integrated into the kitchen by being prepared in all kinds of ways. But how can we preserve them so that we can enjoy them all year round? Here are some recipes, tips and tricks for storing and consuming your Capsicum during the cold season.

Chillies and Peppers