Farm activities

U-pick and agrotourism

Our farm is certainly a must for agritourism enthusiasts who are looking to plunge into Quebec. We are proud to welcome you to the largest certified organic blueberry in Montérégie. A space for the protection of nature and our culture.

Every season, we open our doors to tourists. When we come to the farm, we want to bring to life visitors and visitors who want to take a bath of nature a meaningful experience with the beauty of biodiversity.

From July 15th of each year, it is possible to come with family or friends to make organic blueberries, organic raspberries, organic cucamelons, organic ground cherries and organic sweet peppers self-picking. It should be noticed that, compared to products sold at our booth or shop, in exchange for your scraper, a discount will be applied to your self-collected basket. Come and make your reservations for the year!

Picnic area and stop for cyclists

During your visit, bring food and take advantage of our enchanting site to rest! Picnic tables are at your disposal to take your meal at the edge of our fields.

Cyclists are also welcome to stop with us to recharge their batteries. Our blueberry field and our gardens are not far from the Hemmingford cycle route in the Jardins-de-Nappierville Regional Municipality County. You could also take the opportunity to stock up on provisions with some products on sale at our kiosk before continuing your journey.

Natural space

In addition to the 11 acres dedicated to agriculture, 30 acres are home to a forest, which represents 62% of the total area of La Giroflée. In our forest trails, it is possible to contemplate more than forty species of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants, including 3 floristic species at risk: the bloodroot of Canada, the asaret of Canada and the white trillium.

The 2.5 acres reserved for wetlands, aquatic and riparian environments serve as blue and green corridors that connect the various natural environments. Wetlands are also habitats for batrachians, small reptiles and mammals, important species in the ecosystem. The management of the territory in organic farming considers the ecological balance and is part of the logic of the preservation of biodiversity.


Bees are crucial to food security, the natural balance and the maintenance of biodiversity. It is said that a third of the world's food production depends on bees. In 2018, experts discovered the threat of certain pesticides to the life of bees: neonicotinoids. United Nations has since encouraged the adoption of practices aimed at protecting them.

At La Giroflée, we participate in the protection of foraging bees. In a pesticide-free environment, the hives are installed in the middle of our fields and gardens. By feeding on the pollen of blueberry flowers and wildflowers, bees improve the pollination of our crops and produce a delicious, distinctive honey that can be purchased at our farm kiosk and possibly on our online store. Don't hesitate to come and talk with our beekeeper, Nancy!


In natural and protected environments such as the Ferme Giroflée, biodiversity offers a wide variety of birds. About forty different species have also been observed here, such as Tree Swallows, Grasshopper Sparrows, Waxwings, Turkey Vulture and rarer species such as the Eastern Bluebird.

Ornithologists and other wildlife enthusiasts are welcome to come visit us to observe and hear these beauties of nature.