Our organic blueberry farm is a magnificent agrotourism site for nature lovers who love blueberries and berries. In our fields grow about twenty varieties of highbush blueberries which are harvested between mid-July and September. A vast season is then offered to pickers who wish to stock up in anticipation of cold weather.

To find out the harvest dates, see our pick-your-own calendar just at the bottom of this page!

U-pick guide

So that everyone can have a wonderful day at La Giroflée, we ask that self-pickers follow the instructions carefully:

  • Take the time to check the day's temperature before heading to the farm. Days that are too hot can be hard on you and on the fruit, which then becomes very soft and easily damaged. In order to avoid heatstroke, it is also preferable to pick before noon or after 4 p.m.
  • Before you come, please check our opening hours on our facebook page. On busy days, we sometimes have to close early because there is no ripe fruit left to pick in our fields. In this case, a publication will be made.
  • Bring enough water, sunscreen, a hat and long, light-coloured clothing to protect you from the sun and mosquitoes. Also remember to bring a lunch or snacks! We have a rest area with picnic tables.
  • In the field, only pick fruit that is ripe. A blueberry will take 7 days to reach full maturity. If you take the undercooked ones, your fruit will never be able to reach its flavor potential. It is also important to pick only the sectors that have been assigned to you. Often, we let you explore different varieties in the sections where the plants are mature.
  • Be careful not to break the leaves or the branches of the shrubs. It is also forbidden to pass from row to row between plants, except in young plantations where the space is obvious.
  • To ensure the safety of children, we ask the adults accompanying them to supervise them at all times. Also try to teach them how to properly pick!
  • Pets are unfortunately not accepted in the blueberry field.
  • The picking time is variable. For a 4L container, we calculate between 25 and 40 minutes for a single person or 10 to 15 minutes for a family pick-up.
  • We provide the baskets for your picking; regulars can bring their own basket (a discount will be considered for the next pick-up).
  • All visitors must pay for their basket upon arrival. Thus, you will have the freedom to leave or come back to our kiosk to buy delicious products that have already been picked.

    Do not hesitate to come and see us! Our reception team is available to answer all your questions. 

    U-pick calendar

    Organic blueberry

    4L basket

    2L basket

    From July 15 to August 25, sometimes even until September 10.

    (Finished this year)

    Organic ground cherry

    4L basket

    From August 10 to September 15.

    (Finished this year)

    Organic Cucamelon

    1L basket

    From July 25 to September 15.

    (Finished this year)

    Organic raspberry

    500ml basket

    From July 1 to August 1, preferably in the morning, afternoon.

    (Finished this year)

    Organic pepper

    1/2 bushell

    15 lbs box

    From September 2 to October 25.