Our Products

All our fruits, vegetables, honey and maple syrup are produced with respect for the environment, without inputs or synthetic pesticides. In addition, as an agri-food and tourism company, we are committed to respecting the principles of inclusion and equity in order to promote a healthy work and reception space for all our employees, artisans and visitors. By choosing our fresh organic products grown in Quebec in u-pick or already picked, you feed yourself and your loved ones with delicious food of exceptional quality and you contribute to supporting a local economy propelled by an ethic that promotes the protection and regeneration of biodiversity, a choice whose repercussions will undoubtedly be filled with benefits.

Welcome to Ferme Giroflée!

  • Bleuets hâtifs

    Organic Blueberry

  • Organic Ground cherry

  • Organic Raspberry

  • Organic Strawberry

  • Organic Frozen Blueberry

  • Organic Cucamelon

  • Organic Mini-Eggplant

  • Organic Red Cherry tomatoe

  • Organic Cherry tomatoes Mixte

  • Organic Orange Super Sweet Pepper

  • Organic Banana Sweet Pepper

  • Organic Red Sweet Pepper

  • Organic Zucchinis

  • Organic Mini Sweet Pepper - Lunch Box

  • Organic Red Carolina Reaper Pepper

  • Organic Yellow Carolina Reaper Pepper

  • Organic Jalapeño Pepper

  • Organic Habanero Pepper

  • Organic Time Bomb Pepper

  • Organic Shishitô Pepper

  • Organic Mamba Red Pepper

  • Organic cayenne Pepper

  • Organic Chili Thaï Pepper

  • Organic Poblano Pepper

  • Organic Okra

  • Organic Korean Melon

  • Honey

  • Maple Syrup