Un kiosque libre-service se déploie à la Giroflée

Self-service kiosk at Giroflée

Written by Mariklôde Tardi

Ferme Giroflée is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Always in accordance with our initial mission, which is to work in symbiosis with nature and communities, Giroflée remains open to ideas coming from members of the community, thus allowing the cocreation of projects that meet the expectations of the Montérégie territory. /h3>

Maple grove, enrichment of plant biodiversity and a self-service kiosk

In this year of celebration, a small maple grove under construction is quietly being erected along the forest trail for walkers of all seasons and pick-your-own continues for different crops such as blueberries , raspberry, ground cherry, cucamelon and peppers all certified organic. In addition, a plant diversification development project including edibles, including strawberries,

flowers, native and ornamental plants will beautify the enchanting site of Giroflée. And a self-service kiosk built mainly from recycled materials is being deployed this summer to offer affordable organic products grown by different member-producers of collectives Giroflée and Bleuets Bio Local.

Logo du Collectif Giroflée

Founded in 2018, the Giroflée Collective, a group of artisanal market gardeners producing a variety of organic fruits and vegetables, and the Bleuets Bio Local Collective, including organic blueberry fields Quebec, consists of a marketing system inspired by the cooperative model.

Logo du Collectif de Bleuets Bio Local

In a spirit of solidarity between producers and towards local communities for the achievement of food sovereignty, this first pilot project which we would like to formalize as a cooperative enterprise was developed with the aim of pooling the strengths of organic and local producers in order to succeed in offering together a large and regular quantity of certified organic fruits and vegetables with the aim of increasing their circulation in the food market via different distribution channels. distribution.

Our self-service kiosk is therefore an initiative that we are putting in place which aims to meet the needs for the supply of healthy foods at a fair price in an era where the rising cost of life is felt intensely.

For us, the transition of the food system is part of a logic allowing cohesion and social adhesion with a view to the co-construction of a project aimed at achieving Food Safety. A social project where organic producers, institutions, citizens and consumers are invited to get involved and work together to make it happen.

A place serving the community

Since the beginning of the Giroflée adventure, we have known that our place must serve the community and to enable this ideal to be achieved, our multidisciplinary team is now ready to hear the ideas from motivated, committed and proactive people who share our mission and values. Without further ado, we invite you to come meet us to discuss it and, with the festivities preparing here this year, stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter and following our social networks. And don’t hesitate to share!

See you soon!

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